Play matters!

Games and play make up a huge field. My particular focus is on collaborative and interactive stories, and the enormous potential for social connection that comes with shared creativity. At present I’m mostly working on tabletop role-playing games, which do exactly what I love and are going through a period of enormous innovation.

Contact me if you want to talk games! If you’re a corporate or govt agency looking for advice or help, get in touch, and if I can’t help you I’ll certainly know someone who can!

Role-Playing Games

Explore all my roleplaying game projects…

Dungeons & Dragons: Failing forward, falling in love, monkey madness and more by me for D&D 5E!

Doctor Who: The Doctor, monsters, weird time stuff, and Casanova himself: find it all in the various books I’ve written for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game

Doctor Who: Fifty

Today is the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, so here is a free RPG scenario to download that celebrated the… Read more Doctor Who: Fifty

Paranormal Wellington

Bumble through supernatural happenings while being recorded for a curious audience in this TTRPG!

A|State 2nd edition

I am part of the small team behind the second edition of legendary indie RPG a|state, from Handiwork Games

Expedition to Plato’s Cave (D&D 5E)

I was on Twitter waiting for politics to happen, and I had a thought that I thought would make a… Read more Expedition to Plato’s Cave (D&D 5E)

The Oracle & The Curse

Dreamlike quests in a role-playing game for two that plays across just seven questions.

Deck of Monkey Things (D&D 5E)

New on the DMs Guild for Dungeons & Dragons: the DECK OF MONKEY THINGS! Shake up your game with a… Read more Deck of Monkey Things (D&D 5E)

Video Games

Explore my video game projects…

Madagascar Kartz

I wrote dialogue for this 2009 game from Sidhe Interactive, featuring the characters from the animated film Madagascar. It was very silly and much fun.

Speed Racer

I wrote scripted dialogue for this 2008 videogame release from Sidhe Interactive, based on the film Speed Racer.

Shadow Wars

Shadow Wars is a game for mobile devices by Pikpok. I worked on setting and story for the game, including writing dialogue and designing the factions.

Other kinds of games

Diceratops Presents: Dungeon Leap

Diceratops Presents is back in 2023 with a new podcast-only adventure called DUNGEON LEAP, produced by TALETURN PRODUCTIONS! I’m continuing… Read more Diceratops Presents: Dungeon Leap

The Nun Larp

DECEMBER 2021 UPDATE: I’ve redesigned NUN LARP and put it up on itch as a free PDF download! Grab it… Read more The Nun Larp

Diceratops: Live show & podcast

I’m part of Diceratops along with some amazing comedians and improvisers! We play tabletop games live on stage in Wellington, New Zealand!

Bootleggers Bartender Adventure 

I co-wrote this immersive experience for Bootleggers Craft Mixers.

Affair of the Diamond Necklace

I wrote a spectacular evening of interactive theatre staged in Wellington in 2009, bringing the court of Marie Antoinette to life.

Game of Awesome

“Game of Awesome is a card game for 3-6 players designed to engage and inspire kids, specifically boys, to tell… Read more Game of Awesome

A better SNAP!

If you have kids, you’ll probably accumulate some kid editions of snap. Disney has a whole range of them, usually… Read more A better SNAP!

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