Diceratops Presents: Dungeon Leap

Diceratops Presents is back in 2023 with a new podcast-only adventure called DUNGEON LEAP, produced by TALETURN PRODUCTIONS!

I’m continuing as Dungeon Master/showrunner, in this brilliant show which is breaking new ground for actual play podcasts.

In each story, our protagonist Leap, played by Steven Youngblood, attempts to recover fragments of his lost memory by jumping into the body of another D&D adventurer, in the middle of whatever quest they happen to be on. Each story features other core members of Diceratops, friends of the show, and special guests who haven’t been in a Diceratops project before.

This show is a chance to deliver some true innovation in the actual play space, and also to keep everyone guessing with lots of twists and turns. There are some surprises ahead!

It’s also friendly to the most casual listener, with every new leap a great jumping-on point for anyone and a premise that appeals even to the non-gamers of the world!

Listen to Diceratops Presents: Dungeon Leap on your favourite podcast platform, or on Spotify, or on the web at http://diceratops.nz/listen

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