Doctor Who: Fifty

Today is the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, so here is a free RPG scenario to download that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!

It’s a google doc with no fancy formatting! You can find it here: Doctor Who: Fifty

It is written for the Eleventh Doctor and friends. No character sheets are provided for them, as they were included in the core rules at that time. A bit of hunting around online should find some usable sheets though!

This is a deliberately wild scenario intended for convention play, and for five players exactly. (You could adapt it for more or fewer players but it would be a job.) Most players take on two characters, swapping back and forth for different sequences.

It is extremely in the style of the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who, with events out of order, bootstrap paradoxes, big sequences dropped in and quickly resolved, and an overarching mystery that becomes clear right at the end. It’s also built on some profound emotions. It’s about a family who lose their mother in a tragic accident when they are young, and how that event looms over them for the rest of their lives.

It is also RIDICULOUSLY dense with continuity references. It was the 50th anniversary so I just loaded a bunch of them in there and very few of them are explained. You might need to do some reading to get the most out of this!

I ran this several times at Kapcon Wellington in January 2014, and it was great fun. If you’re going to run this, absolutely go in full throttle, this is a wild time! Have fun and good luck…

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