Paranormal Wellington: Optimal Edition

Cover of Paranormal Wellington: Optimal Edition

Paranormal Wellington is back, and now it’s optimal!

This game of spooky and silly supernatural investigation is revised for 2024!

What has changed? I’ve gone through the whole text and carefully added a few extra words here and there to explain certain sections better and generally improve how rules work. It’s amazing the difference a few words can make! But probably you won’t notice most of those unless you read the two versions side by side, just, trust me, it’s better.

What you will notice is the Recording Roles. I really liked what these were trying to do but in first edition they were a little bit too finicky, too tricksy, too unreliable. So I have completely reimagined how these work. Now it goes like this: each investigator picks a role they will play in the mystery, and that role gives them a tick box list of stuff to do during the game, like “share your unease with a partner” or “mess up really simple instructions”. The more you tick off, the more likely you’ll get a small happy ending at the end of the session! This new system works like a dream in play, and I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with it.

Paranormal Wellington: Optimal Edition is available in print and PDF. Check out the Paranormal Wellington project page here for all the links and stuff. Let me know how your investigations work out!

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