I have written stories, setting, dialogue and other text for many games on console and mobile platforms.

Click on the titles for more detail:

  • Madagascar Kartz (2009): I wrote dialogue for this 2009 game from Sidhe Interactive, featuring the characters from the animated film Madagascar. It was very silly and much fun.
  • Speed Racer: I wrote scripted dialogue for this 2008 videogame release from Sidhe Interactive, based on the film Speed Racer.
  • Shadow Wars: Shadow Wars is a game for mobile devices by Pikpok. I worked on setting and story for the game, including writing dialogue and designing the factions.
  • Four Letters: I wrote word definitions and examples of usage for this highly addictive word-scramble game from PikPok.
  • Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5: I wrote dialogue for driving action game Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, based on the toys & cartoon of the same name.
  • Flick Kick Football Legends: I was lead writer for this addictive mobile game from PikPok. Content warning: dad jokes.
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