SGA template: Refugees

Here’s an example and template for a Small Group Action, the toolkit for teaming up and getting stuff done.

As I write this in Jan 2017, refugees are all over the news media. This SGA worksheet is an example of what might come out of a first meeting between four friends who are concerned about what’s happening, but don’t really know where to start.

Figuring out what to do is an excellent use of a Small Group Action. It’s a short-term challenge with a satisfying moment of success – you decide on something and get on with it! It’s an excellent way to build some momentum.

(Yes, spending two weeks to figure out what action to take is somewhat luxurious. Your group might do this in one week, or even a couple of days – fantastic! But the purpose of SGA is to agree to things that you’ll actually achieve. Modestly paced successes are much better than no successes at all!)

Download a print-friendly PDF: SGA template: Refugee action

Blank worksheets can be found on the main Small Group Action page.

The names in this imagined small group are all taken from the Wikipedia page for George Orwell.

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