Small Group Action

Small Group Action is a toolkit that helps you get things done using the most powerful booster engines around: your friends!

Small Group Action isn’t complicated, and you can start using it right now, with these resources:

  • SGA step by step: webpage and PDF
  • SGA action checklist to see if your action’s a good fit for SGA: webpage and PDF
  • SGA worksheet as a PDF

(All these resources are beta-test draft versions to be refined and developed! Comments and help with this welcome!)

History of SGA
Small Group Action originated in a series of posts on my personal blog way back in 2006. That led to a conversation with my old social psychology prof, and in 2007 I went back to school to do a Masters in Science based around the SGA idea. I handed in that research at the end of 2008 – my thesis is available online for those mad people who love nothing more than diving into academic jargon.

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