Monster’s Brawl


Hulking, misunderstood monsters fight to make a living in a world that fears and desires them.

Monster’s Brawl is a “series pitch” for Dramasystem. It sets you up to tell your own ongoing stories in the style of prestige-TV drama, using the Dramasystem rules devised by Robin D. Laws. You’ll be a dysfunctional group of monsters who work a seedy fight circuit in a big city, trying to retain some semblance of humanity while they get used and abused by almost everyone they meet. It’s big emotions, big tusks, and big punches.

Monster’s Brawl is a free download on RPGgeek.

Monster’s Brawl was my entry in the 2015 RPGgeek Dramasystem Series Pitch contest. It was inspired by Kirby & Lee’s depiction of Ben Grimm walking lonely in the rain, the game Contenders by Joe Prince, and the film Magic Mike. Yep, the one with the strippers.

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