Hearts & Arrows (D&D 5E)

Hearts and Arrows: Rules Options for Love and Romance

Is your game full of awkward flirting, wild crushes, and weird tiefling make-outs? If it isn’t… what are you waiting for?

Hearts and Arrows provides dozens of ways to put love and romance into your game. Simple but powerful rules for flirting, crushes, and heartbreak! A toolkit to create and run memorable dates! A whole bunch of magic items! And more!

Learn about spark, which you earn from romantic adventures and spend like inspiration, as you take your character on their journey into love. Will you fall in love? Will they fall for you? Or will it all go wrong?

Hearts and Arrows is for players and Dungeon Masters alike. Everything within is optional and opt-in, so you can customise your game’s approach to love and romance. Fill out the edges of your character’s life with a romance subplot, build an adventure around rom-com wildness, or embark on a tragic tale of doomed love. These rules options give you everything you need to make romance a vibrant part of your game.


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