Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Sourcebook


This Sourcebook for The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game explores the Eleventh Doctor’s adventures on Earth and beyond. With detailed information on all the allies, enemies, aliens and gadgets that he encounters, as well as examining each of his adventures, the book contains a wealth of material for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game and is also a fact-packed resource for fans of the show!

Very excited by the release of The Eleventh Doctor Sourcebook for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. I did loads of work on this one (but it was a long way from a solo effort, lots of it by other hands as well, chiefly C7’s own Andrew Kenrick) and I’m very proud of what’s in there.

The format of the book, as with most of the sourcebooks in this (now-completed-until-Capaldi-leaves) series, is a few chapters talking about the era of the Matt Smith Doctor in general, including discussions of his friends and foes, before moving into a story-by-story breakdown that takes up the bulk of the pagecount. Each story has a short plot summary and game statistics for the stuff you see on screen, but the most exciting sections for me are the entries in each story talking about how you’d bring this story, or a story like this, in your games. The Moffat era of the show has been full of audacious storytelling moves, so it is full of challenging and thought-provoking narrative ideas. I feel like it’d be hard to flip through the pages and not come away brimming with ideas for your own games and stories.

I’m also particularly proud of the early chapter discussing the tone of the Eleventh Doctor era, identifying tropes and recurring motifs and giving examples of how they could turn up in your games to give them a Moffaty/bow-ties-are-cool sort of flavour.

And of course, like every Cubicle 7 book, it looks ravishing.

The Cubicle 7 preview page has some images and a full description.
You can purchase it in PDF at DrivethruRPG! (They’ve got a review up already – five stars. Lovely.)
And in hardback direct from Cubicle 7’s store!

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