“D&D renaissance” interviews

In December 2017 I was interviewed, twice, about the renaissance in Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games.

First was a story on news & culture website The Wireless by journalist Susan Strongman. Her article is well-researched (e.g. “According to D&D fan Tim Elphick, the game was banned at the Tauranga library in the 1980s”) and covers a lot of ground about the state of games in New Zealand: A brief history of Dungeons and Dragons in Aotearoa

That led to an invitation to appear on Jesse Mulligan’s popular afternoon show on Radio NZ where we had a pleasant chat about D&D and related games: The renaissance of tabletop roleplaying games:

Game developer Morgan Davie joins Jesse to talk about the world of tabletop RPGs or role-playing games.

RPGs are often associated with video games, but some are saying the table top versions like that of Dungeon and Dragons where friends meet up to play are having a bit of a comeback after their fame in the 1980s.

We decided to get Morgan on following a great story by Susan Strongman over at The Wireless.

Both interviews were great experiences, and very different. I strongly believe that this is a very exciting time for tabletop roleplaying in specific, and games and interactivity in general, so I’d expect more stories along these lines to appear in general interest media for a while as this new surge in play continues!

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