Story and interactivity come alive through writing.

Under the Taleturn banner or my own name, I’ve written fiction, essays, exhibitions, and more. Good writing engages the imagination and encourages deeper exploration. Contact me to find out how my writing can lead your audience to new discoveries.


Naenae Clubhouse 48 Hour Films

Two great short films by the incredible Naenae Amplify!

in move

Free to download: a novel about four teenage boys staring down the end of their friendship and trying not to blink.

Essays and Analysis

I Was a Tweenage Hoodlum

My essay about being 12, West Side Story, an inspiring teacher, and an extremely controversial scene in our school play.

Watching Buffy: analysing a serial narrative

Book-length series of essays looking deep into the narrative structure of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

Experiences and Exhibitions

Bootleggers Bartender Adventure 

I co-wrote this immersive experience for Bootleggers Craft Mixers.

Affair of the Diamond Necklace

I wrote a spectacular evening of interactive theatre staged in Wellington in 2009, bringing the court of Marie Antoinette to life.

Oranges at Halftime

Oranges at Halftime was a major travelling exhibition during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

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