Providence Summer


Suburban U.S.A. in the lazy sun-drenched summer of 1961. The endless war between boredom and common sense continues for mischievous kids and restless teens. As the days tick slowly by, they will be forced to confront their illusions about their world, their families, and themselves.

Providence_Summer (PDF, 2.5MB) is a series pitch for Dramasystem by Robin D. Laws.

The original Providence Summer was a systemless game I ran in 2003 in Edinburgh, Scotland. This Dramasystem pitch was created to mark the tenth anniversary of that game, which remains a high watermark in my experience of shared storytelling and roleplaying games.

The original had all the dramatic intensity of the best prestige TV series. As we played that original Providence Summer game I wrote it up on Dramasystem is a game engine built around the kind of play we were engaging in back then.

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