Next-Level Skill Checks (D&D 5E)


Take skill checks to the next level with this essential guide to costs and consequences for every skill!

The Dungeon Masters Guide includes rules to make skill checks come alive in your games, but only gives you a few short examples of how to make them work. This rules supplement comes to the rescue with ready-to-use options for every skill in the game and a comprehensive toolkit for making every skill check count.

Narrow failures can become successes – but only if players are willing to pay the price! Larger failures raise the stakes in surprising ways, injecting instant excitement into your game! Every natural 20 or natural 1 will make players hold their breath as they wait for new twists and turns! The supplement includes helpful guidance to get the best out of these rules, and finishes with a deep dive into design principles and for those who love to get right under the hood. Enhance every adventure with these rules for skill checks. That d20 is already bouncing across the table – with these rules you can put it to work in a whole new way! (Released October 2018)

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