in move

The Hutt Valley, 1993. Four young men stare down the end of their school years and the end of their friendship. 

in move is a novel about friendships changing, and guy culture, and being young and kind of stupid about most things. I wrote it in my late teens/early twenties, when that final year of school was still near enough I could taste it. In 2013, twenty years on from its setting, I released it into Creative Commons, so you can read it right now!

You can download it as an ebook (EPUB or MOBI or PDF formats) or read it in serialised form as blog posts. All these formats are available right here:

If you read it, I’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment or send me an email…

(Yeah, I did submit it to a few places and it seemed to fall into an unpublishable gap. Young adult publishers replied that it was pitched more at the lit audience, and literary publishers said it was pitched more at the young adult audience. They were all very nice about it though!)

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