ICONS and M&M Superlink

I was a contributing writer for early releases in the ICONS line of role-playing game products. ICONS is a streamlined game of four-colour superheroic adventure, designed by Steve Kenson, and currently published by Ad Infinitum.

Click each image for more information. Note the main ICONS book and the Villainomicon are both now officially out of print, so you can download these books for no charge if you desire.

icons iconsvillainomicon ICONSteamup

ICONSmastermindaffair ICONSAotearoa

I also worked on the predecessor line to this one, Adamant Entertainment’s M&M Superlink books. I created the Amazing Triple Action series (sadly discontinued as of issue 3) and Unearthly: Cosmic Heroes, and contributed to the Villainomicon. Again, click on the covers for more.

superlinkATA1 superlinkATA2 superlinkATA3

superlinkunearthly superlinkvillainoicon

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