Deck of Monkey Things (D&D 5E)

New on the DMs Guild for Dungeons & Dragons: the DECK OF MONKEY THINGS!

Shake up your game with a deck full of monkeys!

The Deck of Monkey Things is a legendary item where every card draw adds merriment and mischief! (Even the bad ones!) The deck was created by the fabled Lonely Monkey to provoke laughter and action among those tempted to draw from it. It promises great rewards, but also great challenges! 

  • A barrel-full of monkey madness for every campaign!
  • Full descriptions of twenty-two magical cards loaded with simian shenanigans! Many of the cards will provide enough activity for a full evening’s adventure!
  • Also includes six adventures starters with unexpected ways the deck might cross paths with a band of adventurers!

Get the Deck of Monkey Things today, and make tonight’s game a little bit hairier! 

(This was a fun one to write, because monkeys!)

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