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Play matters! Taleturn is enthusiastic about all kinds of play, with a particular focus on collaborative and interactive stories and the enormous potential for social connection that comes with shared creativity.

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Portfolio: Tabletop Games
  • dREAL: realistic D20 rules: dREAL (2004) adapted the world's most popular RPG system to play ordinary people dealing with stressful and dramatic situations.
  • DM's Guild for Dungeons & Dragons: Cool stuff for D&D, released under the official DM's Guild program. Rules for failing forward, falling in love, and more!
  • EPOCH: Silent Night: This one-shot scenario for Imaginary Empire's hugely innovative game EPOCH takes you into a messy storm on Christmas Eve. Find out who will survive!
  • November Metric (for The Sprawl RPG): I wrote a dark future take on New Zealand for The Sprawl RPG, collected in a book called November Metric.
  • Refuge: a story game about refugees: This award-winning story game about hopeful refugees making a new start in an unfamiliar land is FREE to download!
  • Doctor Who game products: The Doctor, monsters, weird time stuff, and Casanova himself: find it all in the various books I've written for the Doctor Who Role-Playing Game from Cubicle 7.
  • Game of Awesome: "Game of Awesome is a card game for 3-6 players designed to engage and inspire kids, specifically boys, to tell stories and learn to write. Playing the game helps students generate ideas quickly which they can explore, expand and write stories."
  • Holding On: a 200-word game: A very short, very intimate game for two people. It doesn't work. I'm proud of it anyway.
  • Monster's Brawl: Monsters angst while they brawl to entertain the jaded crowds: a series pitch for the Dramasystem game by Robin D. Laws.
  • True Love Match: A game of romance & reality TV for a half-dozen people who don't mind getting their hearts broken. Free to download!
  • Providence Summer: Teenagers get in and out of trouble across a lazy summer in 1961: a series pitch for the Dramasystem game by Robin D. Laws.
  • ICONS and M&M Superlink: ICONS is a tabletop role-playing game of superheroic adventure, from Ad Infinitum.

Portfolio: Video Games
  • Madagascar Kartz (2009): I wrote dialogue for this 2009 game from Sidhe Interactive, featuring the characters from the animated film Madagascar. It was very silly and much fun.
  • Video Games: I have written stories, setting, dialogue and other text for many games on console and mobile platforms. Click on the titles for more
  • Speed Racer: I wrote scripted dialogue for this 2008 videogame release from Sidhe Interactive, based on the film Speed Racer.
  • Shadow Wars: Shadow Wars is a game for mobile devices by Pikpok. I worked on setting and story for the game, including writing dialogue and designing the factions.
  • Four Letters: I wrote word definitions and examples of usage for this highly addictive word-scramble game from PikPok.
  • Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5: I wrote dialogue for driving action game Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, based on the toys & cartoon of the same name.
  • Flick Kick Football Legends: I was lead writer for this addictive mobile game from PikPok. Content warning: dad jokes.

Portfolio: Other