“Game of Awesome is a card game for 3-6 players designed to engage and inspire kids, specifically boys, to tell stories and learn to write. Playing the game helps students generate ideas quickly which they can explore, expand and write stories.” – official site for Game of Awesome

The game was developed and produced by Wellington design company Chrometoaster. I was an external consultant on the project. Chrometoaster’s page about the game is here.

Game of Awesome won the Public Good award at the 2016 Best Awards, a prestigious New Zealand design award. This is a fantastic moment of recognition!

Best Awards: Game of Awesome

Sunday Star Times article on the game

TV coverage on TV3 current affairs show “Story”

Design magazine Idealog covers the Best winners


I was part of the design team for this card game with an educational mission. Intended as a school resource for years 5 to 8, it is a fun tool that can be used in lots of ways to encourage storytelling and support writing activities. It’s also just a good time on its own!

Players match cards into pieces of story, and after three successful matches they claim victory by telling a story that links together their cards into one narrative.

Game of Awesome is a free resource to schools in New Zealand. It has been released under Creative Commons and is free for anyone, anywhere, to download as a print-and-play game.

Grab the game from the official Ministry of Education site:

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