Our Engagement Recipe


As discussed on the About page, Taleturn is home to some powerful ingredients: story, interactivity, and social psychology. Together they make a recipe for great engagement:

Allies + Interactivity + Story = High Engagement

Or put another way:

Interactive Stories, Together.

That’s my starting framework when I’m looking at engagement. It isn’t the only framework, and it isn’t suitable for all situations, but it’s simple and powerful and flexible.

It also breaks down into separate components. Sometimes, all you need is a good story. Other times, an interactive method does the trick. Or maybe you just need to access the power of small groups to get a win.

But combined, these three make up a supercharged engagement engine that will get you where you need to go, and create some joy along the way.

About Engagement

marriage1 I use engagement to mean being enjoyably occupied by an experience. When you’re engaged, you participate fully and take opportunities to extend yourself and explore the experience.

This is powerful stuff. If you have content to share or goals to reach, engagement will be an important part of your success.

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