Dungeon Leap

After a lengthy hiatus, the Diceratops team are back with a new podcast adventure, DUNGEON LEAP!

Diceratops began with a mission to put games on stage, and we have plans to do more of that, but for now we are delighted to be making games together again! Dungeon Leap has been long-planned, dating back to the very first conversations we had about Diceratops some years ago. That long cooking time has resulted in something really special, and something I’m incredibly proud to be part of. 

I’m the Dungeon Master for Dungeon Leap. In each story, our protagonist Leap, played by Steven Youngblood, attempts to recover fragments of his lost memory by jumping into the body of another D&D adventurer, in the middle of whatever quest they happen to be on. The first story sees Leap land in the body of Dougal Black, in the classic D&D adventure B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. Leap is a fascinating character, and Steven makes some really interesting choices with him over the stories we’ve recorded so far.

Each story features other core members of Diceratops, friends of the show, and special guests who haven’t been in a Diceratops project before. There are some surprises ahead!

Listen to Diceratops Presents: Dungeon Leap on your favourite podcast platform, or on Spotify, or on the web at http://diceratops.nz/listen

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